Antenna Tips

In order to get the best reception of your new LPTV stations, effective antennas are needed. Keep in mind that picking the exact correct antenna for every situation takes experience and training.
Here are a few facts about TV reception:
  • Viewers in different areas have different needs. No antenna is best for every area.
  • Properly installed outdoor antennas will always be more effective than indoor antennas.
  • Amplified indoor antennas are not more effective than un-amplified antennas. Amplifiers are to compensate for loss of signal in long cables. They cannot substitute for an ineffective antenna. This is because you are amplifying the noise as well as the intended signal.
  • Attic-mounted antennas can be a good compromise between indoor and outdoor antennas, allowing viewers to have a full outdoor-style antenna without the metal outside. They are not recommended for long distance viewing, however.
  • Building construction influences indoor reception. Stucco buildings have steel reinforcement screening that greatly reduces reception. Wood is better. Glass is best, so it’s always better to put an indoor antenna in a window that faces the transmitter.
  • Viewers who have satellite systems can readily add an outdoor antenna and wire it to the coaxial cable that leads to the satellite receiver, that can usually decode an over-the-air TV signal. A good satellite system installer will know how to add over-the-air reception.
  • Viewers in different areas have different needs. No antenna is best for every area.
  • Good sources of antennas and accessories are and, and they have staff who may be able to give good reception advice. Unfortunately, neither RadioShack nor Home Depot stock effective antennas in their stores.
  • Outdoor antennas must be mounted on proper masts with grounding to protect from lightning. This is a real issue and must not be overlooked.
For areas that are far from  from the transmitters, try an UHF/VHF all-channel log outdoor antenna with rotator required if Phoenix stations are desired.